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Bombsight Table v2

Airforce War - World War 2 Air Combat game based on Il-2 Sturmovik

Bombsight Table v2

Bombsight Table v2
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Bombsight Table 2 is a development of original Bombsight Table. Imperial measurement units usage has been corrected, now it correctly displays distance in nautical miles and speed in knots. The function is enhanced with bombsight angle calculation for manual release of ordinance and with measurement of distance to target (based on manual flight data input)

Bombsite Table is freeware. You can use and distribute for free, but not for a consideration. You are not allowed to make any changes in program without author’s agreement.

Functional description:

Bombsite table re-counts IAS (Indicated Air Speed) into TAS (True Air Speed). This is important for make an accurate bombing. TAS depends on IAS and Altitude. TAS is indicated in kilometers and miles per hour. Altitude is indicated in meters and feets.


SHIFT + PAGE UP: Altitude +
SHIFT + PAGE DOWN: Altitude -
CTRL + PAGE UP: setting IAS +
CTRL + PAGE DOWN: setting IAS -
ALT + PAGEUP: setting distance +
ALT + PAGE DOWN: setting distance -
SHIFT + PAUSE/BREAK: show / hide program window


WT_Pedropan, WT_Pitr